Those technical fabrics are great for keeping you comfy as you sweat. But the same tech that keeps you dry can end up holding on to dirt and odors. And really, who wants to work out in stinky clothes? Soak releases sweat, salt and odors – and the gentle formulation goes easy on the fabric, which helps your clothes last longer.

So whether you’re hand-washing your favorite yoga pants or throwing your sweaty sports bra in the machine, here’s how you can use Soak to protect your workout workhorses:

Get to it fast. Wash your activewear as soon as possible after use – letting sweaty workout clothes sit around won’t do the fabric any favors.

Read the label.
Always follow the care instructions.

Turn items inside out.
As we sweat, it’s the insides of our clothes that get the brunt of our workouts. When they’re inside out, water and Soak have better access to the dirtiest, sweatiest parts.

Hand-wash if you can.
We always recommend hand-washing with Soak: it’s gentler on fabric and helps your favorites last longer.


Protect your clothes.
Put them in Eco Wash Bags before throwing them in the machine.

Be gentle. Choose the gentle cycle.

Wash with similar fabrics. Don’t throw workout gear in with heavy items like towels or denim, which can cause pilling, stretching and damage. And avoid washing with linty items like fleece, too. Stretch fabrics can really attract lint in the wash.

Give your bras some extra support. Wash sports bras after every use. It’s a good idea to pre-Soak them first, especially if you’ve had an extra-sweaty workout.


Avoid high heat. High heat can break down elastic fabrics and amp up odors. If you’re using the dryer, stick with a low-heat or even no-heat setting.
No fabric softener. No dryer sheets, please: fabric softener leaves a coating that can make it harder for water to get through the fabric, trapping stinky smells.
Lay flat or hang to dry. This is your best bet for preserving fabric longer and keeping your clothes smelling fresher, longer.
Read the full instructions on using Soak for hand-washing and machine-washing.

Bonus tip:
Soak totally works on yoga mats, too. Dilute a squeeze of Soak in some water, and give your favorite mat a wipe that’ll leave it clean and smelling a lot better than your last workout session.