You care about living more sustainably and leaving a smaller footprint. About using products that go easy on the environment, buying less, and reusing what you already have. It matters to you - and it matters to us, too. That's why we’re committed to being as good for the planet as we are for your clothes.

At Soak, sustainability is one of our core values. From the ingredients we use to the materials we choose to the manufacturing partners we work with, we’re doing the work now to ensure a better future.

Gentle, cruelty-free ingredients. 

Soak, Flatter and Handmaid are all made with 97% plant-based,renewable ingredients, and no animals have ever been used in any part of our process. Soak and Flatter are biodegradable and do not contain phosphates, sulphates SLS or SLES. We are 100% transparent about what we put in our products: every ingredient is listed clearly on our bottles and on our site. 

All our packaging is 100% recycled 

Soak pioneered the use of 100% post-consumer resin bottles almost 10 year ago. We divert over 6 tons of virgin plastic each year and reduce our carbon emissions by 15.6 tons (a typical elephant weighs somewhere between 2 and 5 tons, to give you a sense of scale).

Our cardboard boxes are also made of 100% recycled material from residential blue boxes, office buildings, factories and stores. And in our operations, we always reuse whatever we can for as long as we can, then recycle it. 

Smart use of plastic waste
Our Eco Wash bags are called “eco” for a reason: each one is made from at least 8 plastic bottles. The first production run alone diverted over 100,000 plastic bottles from oceans and landfills. 
Picky about our partners.
Soak works with suppliers who integrate sustainability into their everyday practices, and we choose local companies whenever we can: 75% of our suppliers are located in Ontario. 

We make products that help you make sustainable choices. 
When you hand-wash with Soak’s no-rinse formulation, you save up to 11 gallons of water. Plus, handwashing extends the life of a garment by 20-30%. Less demand means less need for raw materials, fewer clothes manufactured, and fewer clothes thrown away.

At Soak, sustainability matters. That's why we make products that take care of your clothes - and take care of the planet, too.
Got questions about sustainability at Soak - or anything else?
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