Got some stains on your favourite rug? Do your decorative pillows need a new lease on life? Are your white curtains looking ecru? We say if you love it, Soak it!

Always check fiber content and colorfastness before you Soak, and try out a test swatch on an inconspicuous part first. But generally, if it’s something that can get wet, you can clean it with Soak.

Carpet. Put some Soak on an abrasive cleaning pad and scrub to gently open the fibers and release stains. Then, using a damp cloth, blot and give it a quick rub to restore the threads. No need to rinse it or work it for very long – just long enough to saturate the fibers and loosen the stain right out.

Curtains. Steam cleaning or dry cleaning curtains can be time-consuming and expensive. If they’re made of a washable fabric (like cotton), you can definitely Soak them. Soak can be used in any washing machines (including HE) on the delicate cycle. Wash in cool water, and hang to dry.

For more delicate curtains, hand wash in cool water. Fill a basin with enough water to cover the curtains, add some Soak, and leave them for 15 minutes. Remove and gently squeeze out moisture, then hang to dry. Only hand wash lightweight fabrics; thicker materials will retain too much water.

Use Flatter starch-free spray to release the wrinkles, and steam while curtains are still damp to get them looking like new.

Spot cleaning. Stains on pillows, chairs and other furnishings that can’t be thrown in the wash can be spot cleaned with Soak.

Dilute a capful of Soak in a bowl with warm water. Using a washcloth, clean the item with quick firm circles. Try not to saturate the fabric with water. Keep a bowl of clean water handy, and don’t use too much Soak. Allow the item to dry for at least 24 hours.

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Soak Wash - Household Items