Whether it’s store bought or handmade, a cute kids’ outfit or a full-on cosplay extravaganza, cleaning costumes needs a gentle touch ‒ and Soak’s no-rinse formulation. .

  • If it’s store bought, check the label. If it can get wet, you can Soak it.
  • Check the pockets...there may be leftover candy there that won’t be a treat to remove later.
  • Got a battery-powered costume? Remove the hardware and batteries before Soaking.
  • Fill your sink or basin with cool water, add a capful of Soak, then put the costume in to soak for 15 minutes.
  • Squeeze gently to remove excess water (never twist or wring ‒ that can stretch or tear fabric and damage delicate elements). Roll it in a towel to remove more water.
  • Hang or lay flat to dry ‒ no dryer, please!