Your softest sweaters, scarves and socks deserve tender laundry care. Keep ‘em fresh, clean and in great shape with Soak.

Quick tips

Handwash if you can. Cashmere is delicate, so it’s always safer to clean it by hand. Soak is super-gentle and the no-rinse formulation means less handling, so you can keep those fragile fibers looking beautiful longer.

Turn it inside out. When you wash it, handling the inside of a garment helps protect the outside.

Keep the water cool. Avoid tragedy: hot water can felt and shrink cashmere. (Noooo!)

Protect against moths. Did you know moths are more attracted to wool when it’s not completely clean? Don’t let them chow down on your best sweaters. When you’re ready to put your wools away for the season, Soak them, then store them.

Washing Instructions
Hand wash
1. Fill a basin with cool water and a capful of Soak.
2. Let the item soak for 15 min (longer is okay). Gently squeeze out the water. (Wringing or twisting can damage the fibers and distort the shape.)
3. Roll up the item in a dry towel, jelly-roll style, and squeeze to remove water.

Machine wash
If your machine has a hand-wash cycle (or a delicate cycle that’s actually delicate), put your item in a generous Soak Eco Wash bag and throw it in on the cold water setting with a capful of Soak. (You can put the Soak directly in the machine or pour it in the detergent drawer.)

Never, ever put cashmere in the dryer (eek)! Lay items flat on a dry towel away from heat and direct sunlight.

Once it’s dry, remove wrinkles by giving it a quick mist with Flatter Smoothing Spray and letting it air dry. For deeper wrinkles, use Flatter with a steamer.