It's in cotton's nature to shrink and fade. But washing with Soak and air drying can help your cotton clothes stay pretty. 

Tips for gentle washing

1. Read the label. Machine washing cotton on the delicate cycle is fine, though hand-washing is gentler on fabrics and can help your garment last longer. 

2. Keep the water cool. Choose your water temperature based on color (heat can make dyes bleed, so the more color, the lower the temp should be). If you're not sure, err on the side of cool. 

3. Wash clothes inside out. It helps the outside look newer longer.

4. Whiten whites. Cotton can stand up to chlorine bleach, so if you need to punch up your whites, go for it. 

5. Air-drying is best. Heat is what makes cotton shrink, so air-dry your items in a place that doesn't get direct sun (sun can fade color). Tumble drying on low heat is generally okay too, especially if the cotton is preshrunk.

6. Iron or steam with Flatter: When pressing your garment, Flatter helps get wrinkles out. You can also use a few spritzes to release wrinkles on a dry garment