Backpacks get dirty. Whether it's salt stains from sitting on a winter sidewalk, exploding food containers (ew) or stinky
gym clothes, they can all do with a good Soak once in a while.  Here’s how to get a backpack clean and ready for action: 

1. Empty all the pockets. Toss the crumpled paper bits, random pen caps, and (ew) that forgotten cheese string. Leave every pocket open (and turned inside out, if possible), and remove accessories or anything else that might fall off during washing

2. Get the vacuum out. Once all the pockets are empty, turn the bag upside down and give it a good shake over a garbage can. Then run the vacuum nozzle along all the seams to get out all the crumbs, sand, dirt and random food bits.

3. Read the label. Fabric backpacks can usually be hand-washed, but if there are leather elements, follow the instructions. (Being immersed in water generally won't do leather any favors.)

4. Give stains some extra attention. Using a soft-bristled brush or old toothbrush, dab Soak on stained areas, give them a brush and let them sit for a bit before washing the whole backpack.

5. Wash it. You can either Soak the bag in a large basin (like our buddy Phil) or put it in a generous Eco Wash Bag or pillowcase in the washer on gentle.

6. Air dry. The dryer can ruin a backpack’s shape, so hang it up to dry naturally. 

7. Refresh between washings. Spritz it with a little Flatter in your favorite Soak scent to keep things smelling fresh.